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/* returns a pointer to the filename, /foo/bar.a -> bar.a */
extern const char *path_filename(const char *path);

/*  /foo/bar.a -> /foo */
extern int path_directory(const char *path, char *directory, int size);

/* normalizes a path, rewrites the path */
extern int path_normalize(char *path);

/* joins to paths together and normalizes them. returns 0 on success */
extern int path_join(const char *base, const char *extend, char *output, int size);

/* returns 1 if the path is absolute, else it returns 0 */
extern int path_isabs(const char *path);

/* checks so that the path is nice */
/* no /.. /./ or // */
/* must begin with / (absolute) */
/* does not end with / */
extern int path_isnice(const char *path);

/*  */
struct lua_State;
extern int lf_path_isnice(struct lua_State *L);
extern int lf_path_isabs(struct lua_State *L);
extern int lf_path_join(struct lua_State *L);
extern int lf_path_fix(struct lua_State *L);

extern int lf_path_ext(struct lua_State *L);
extern int lf_path_path(struct lua_State *L);
extern int lf_path_filename(struct lua_State *L);

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